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Georgias Raleigh 20

Valentines day was coming up and I was wondering what I could get Georgia. Georgia doesn't ask for much so it's always hard to find her something because I want to get her something that really means something special to her, so this year I got her a bike! A bike means time away from reality, it's just us chilling out together which we both appreciate after work away from home.

These bikes are going to be great for nipping down to the markets or cafe on a Saturday morning too.

I hunted EVERYWHERE as I wanted to get her a bike similar to my vintage Healing loline so I was travelling far and wide to see the best vintage bike shops around, I even lined up at eco-store for 40 minutes to waiting for the fork lift dude to stop what he was doing and just let me have a look (bailed and it was definitely noted haha). Here's a tip from an old veteran, go to "Around again cycles"  and use the code word "up stairs" MIND BLOWN!!!!!  1000s of vintage bikes.

I ended up finding a Raleigh 20 on TradeMe that was in really good condition from the original owners. This machine was made in Hastings NZ and it even folds in half!

I wanted to surprise Georgia on Valentines day with it but she found me day one stripping it so changed direction to her helping me scrubbing me scrub the rust off haha. I painted the frame Hyssop by Dulux Duramax and the white is Gloss white also by Dulux.  I then applied 2 coats of gloss acrylic hardener and she came up beaut!  I brought a basket from B.A.S.I.C bikes in Christchurch and wheeled it out on Valentines day with brunch food in the basket and a picnic blanket ready to go on mine then biked down the cycle path to a park.

What do you think of the colour? Georgia loves her Raleigh 20!!!

Paint: Dulux Duramax
Basket: BASIC Bikes 


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