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Up cycled drawers

Georgia brought these drawers online for $15.00,  when we got it home Georgia was looking on Pinterest (checkout shaydennz) for some inspiration.  There is always some really cool inspo available but rarely how to and advice.  
We knew we were working with wood and wanted to have the effect of when you open the drawer you see white with spots etc. 

What we started with.

As you you can see we had a lot to work with, the drawers are a really cool Queen Anne style and have huge potential. 

Georgia decided that she would like to keep them and wanted them pink with black insides and latches. 

In progress 

Our first rookie move was using a white primer, the pink came up Fluoro (shaydens cringing) so we went and brought a grey primer from our local Bunnings.

So when we are finished we go to put the drawers in and they no longer fit ARGHHHH - the paint swelled the chipboard sides. 

Back to the drawing board...........

We decided to knock out the dividers and build a shelf as one of the drawers fit after a sanding on the sides. A piece like this would be a shame to write off so it pays to come into these things with creativity for challenges like this.

Georgia's knocking out the dividers as I'm cutting a shelf to size, then a lick of paint on the inside so it all suits.

I'm still thinking about the pink going in the house haha so with Georgia's steady hand she's managed to get a lot of white on the outside, anddddd we are out of pink Hahahaha - I suggest we go black with a copper handle. 

Prime it up again 

And voila!

We plan on using this  in the office to add some difference. 
We would love to know what you think, if you have any questions leave a comment and we can chat! 

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Shayden and Georgia 


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